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Quake 4: Linux & ATI

I love using Linux. Earlier this year I purchased Doom 3 for the sole purpose of being able to play a high end game in Linux.

I finished that game up a while ago and was once again wanting to have something in Linux. The next game I naturally chose was Quake 4. I love ID software for producing everything needed for these games to run native in Linux, and for that I'm gladly willing to support them so that they keep creating wonderful Linux games. I hope that other company will follow there example.

The game arrived and I was very eager to give it a try. Once I installed the game I remembered that a major thing had changed in my computer since I had ran Doom 3. This change was my video card. I had changed from my Nvidia card, known for its quality driver in Linux to an ATI who hasn't had, in previous years, the greatest Linux drivers.

Well, I installed the game and tried starting it up. I received then an error stating 'GL_ARB_texture_compression not found', then I would r…

Xbox 360 Controller in Windows and Linux?

I've had a Gravis controller for several years. It was a nice contoller with two analog sticks and buttons galore but it had one major problem. Its drivers were horrible. I would install the drivers and the contoller would work for a while, but eventually it starts acting up. I'll plug it in but it wouldn't work until I would reboot the computer.

Just recently I bought the new game Marvel Alliance. When I tried to start the game with my Gravis, the game just crashes. To start the game I had to make sure the contoller was not plugged in so I could at least play using the keyboard. This was very hard though. I couldn't easily do a lot of the needed combos. So my search began for a new controller.

The battle was between two. I was looking at the Logitech and the Xbox 360 controller. I went with the Xbox 360 controller because I'd seen that there were drivers for it in Linux. I wasn't able to find anything for the Logitech. I don't have any current games in Linux…