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LCD Upgrade: Samsung 940BX

Over a month ago I purchased a Samsung 940BX. I had the 15.4 inch widescreen monitor but I just wanted something a little larger for my main computer.

I did some searching around but I eventually settled down with the Samsung. It was highly regarded and seemed to be the best priced for the quality. I must say, I'm quite impressed. It has a height adjustment that that allows you with enough room to get it as high or low as you need it.

The colors on the monitor are quite bright. I noticed a difference in quality the second I booted it up. The screen also auto-adjusts and I've never even had to manually adjust it. Way better than my old CRT monitor which I had to adjust every time I changed resolutions. There is no annoying notification either, it just handles it perfectly.

As for games and movies, I haven't had any issues. It has great picture and response time. I haven't noticed any ghosting or issues with it not refreshing fast enough. The viewing angle is also quite dec…