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HP DV2 & OCZ Vertex Plus 120GB

I originally had the Vertex Plus in my work laptop, a Lenovo x60s and saw good results with running Windows XP. I have now moved it to my HP DV2, which has an AMD Neo X2 processor running Windows 7. I have done numerous customization's to Windows and the laptop is very responsive.
The laptop boots within 15 seconds and most applications load immediately. The laptop come out of standby very quickly allowing you to get back to work or play promptly. After getting Windows setup and configured, I ran CrystalDiskMark to get an idea on its current performance.
As you can see, the performance is pretty decent. Miles ahead of any hard drive and decent for an SSD as well. It is by no means a top performance drive when it was released or even now years later. It has plenty of speed though to make a huge difference though and make the price worth it.
Another thing to note is that the SSD is performing better in the HP DV2 than the Lenovo x60s. This is due to the fact that the Lenovo had only…