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iView 760TPC Review - Inexpensive Tablets

Apple has really made tablets popular with there iPad's, but they weren't necessarily the first to the market and they aren't the cheapest. There are a lot of cheap Android tablets out there and I decided to get one to see if they are good or just a complete waste of money.

I decided to go with the iView 760TPC which I purchased from, the place I go for all my electronic needs. For $120, I received the 7" tablet, charger as well as a leather case, headphones and USB cables.

iView 760PTC

7" Capacitive 800x480 ResolutionProcessor: Cortex A8, 1.2GHz (Allwinner A10)OS: Android 2.3 / Upgradabe to 4.0 ICSRAM: 512MB DDR3Memory: 8GBBattery: 3500mAhHDMI 1080P Just to make it clear, this is by no means a alternative to an iPad. This is a low end inexpensive tablet. That however doesn't mean it is useless as it does work well and has its purpose.

I have had mine for over a month now. The tablet itself is very durable and is comfortable and light to hold. Movie…