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Linux Gaming

There are a plethora of free Linux games out there. Numerous FPS based on the Quake 3 engine along with numerous arcade style games and so on. As great as all these free games are the question still remains, can Linux be a profitable commercial gaming platform.

Windows has controlled the commercial games market for years. Even Mac OS is lacking in this area. There have been some commercial games released to Linux. ID Software is well known for bringing its title Doom 3 and Quake 4 to Linux along with Epic Games and there Unreal Tournament 2004.

In recent years there have been several startup companies that are handling porting games to Linux however most of these titles are older and lesser known. Linux Game Publishing is one of these companies. It was started back in 2001 and has ported Cold War, Shadogrounds, X2: The Threat and many more.

If you look hard enough you'll find plenty of diamonds in the ruff like the new Linux port OSMOS that will provide hours of entertainment to both…

OSMOS - New Linux Game

OSMOS is a indie game released by Hemisphere Games. This game was released last year first to Windows (August) and then to Mac OS X (December) but it now has been ported to the Linux OS.

The game costs $10, is DRM free and once purchased you have access to the Windows, Mac and Linux versions if purchased directly from the OSMOS website. If purchased through Steam, only the Windows version is available. The same applies for direct2drive.

The game itself is simple in concept but surprisingly fun to play. This game can be easily played for a short time so you can quickly load it up and play a round or two if you only have a few minutes.

The game doesn't require the latest computer either. I was able to play it on my HP DV2 with no issues on its mobile ATI 3410 graphics using the binary drivers. I also found it plays fine on my desktop with an ATI x1950 running the open source ATI drivers. This is quite awesome know that the open source drivers are able to handle this game since the ATI …