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HTC EVO 4G - Android 2.2

Today was the release for the new Android 2.2 to the HTC EVO 4G on the Sprint network. In this new version come many new features and I have been very anxious to upgrade. I ran the upgrade which was easy and went smoothly.

Upon first boot, there were no noticeable differences but that was to be expected since the EVO has the Sense UI for the GUI. Since Android 2.2 had been out for a while, most of the major new features have been well known and can be easily found on many sites but I went through to test most of them anyways.

Everyone know about the key new features:

Flash 10.1Faster BrowserUSB & Wifi Tethering

What is less known are all the little changes that really add to the experience. After doing a quick overlook of the key new features it was now time to find all the little enhancements that aren't as known or popular.

The first major thing I noticed was that the home screens swapped very smooth. Now, the EVO compared to other phones was faster, but 2.2 now makes it even mo…