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BIOS Issues - No need to Fear

I received a motherboard and CPU that were having issues. The CPU was a Athlon 2600+ and the motherboard was an ASUS A7V600. Something was wrong with one of these two devices but it was unknown to me which, but my guess was at the motherboard, specifically the BIOS.

I did some reading and found many articles on this motherboard. I was trying to find ways of trying to flash the BIOS without getting a full boot. After many hours of reading through dreadful amounts of forums I came across someone that said to remove the video card and boot with only a floppy attached. This would then force the motherboard into the most basic of programming and have it boot from the floppy looking for a BIOS to use and update. (This is only with the ASUS A7V600 to my knowledge)

I did all the necessary stuff and the floppy started to run, I was so pumped. I waited several minutes until it was done. Let it go a while after that then I shut it down and placed the video card into the slot and started it up. Unf…