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magicJack - Future of VOIP?

I've had my magicJack for over a month now and I have been very impressed with it. I sometimes am required to work from home and only had a cell phone, like a lot of people. This was a problem though because I would sometimes have conferences calls and would have to eat up my minutes.

MagicJack was mentioned to me and it sounded like the solution to my problem. So far, this is turning out to be exactly that. With magicJack I can make calls from home for work and it doesn't cost me anything. Just the $20 a year service and Internet connection.

The magicJack has many nice features including a address book, callerID, 411 service and voicemail, all included in the normal price. The voicemail even sends you an email with the voicemail as an attachment. A feature I was going to recommend, only to find out they already implemented it.

As good as the device is there are some drawbacks. The major drawback is that in order to use the device it must be hooked to a computer that is up and …

A new AMD system

Well, my old computer has now been replaced. I've upgraded to a new faster dual-core system.

I'm an AMD fan so I went with the Athlon X2 5000+ Black Edition. This processor is awesome. It runs cool at stock speeds but has the capability to be heavily overclocked. For cooling I used the Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro. The CPU stays at a temperature of around 25 degrees.

The case I chose is the Antec P180 (black). This case keeps everything nicely spaced out and running cool and quiet. The case is very heavy but has all the features needed. The power supply is stored down below in a separate compartment so it doesn't get heated from the CPU and video card.

The power supply chosen is a 700w model from Thermaltake with cable management. This power supply is very nice and fits nicely in the case. It is also very quiet which is what I wanted and designed the computer to be.

For the video card I chose was the PowerColor ATI x1950 512mb Pro with a Artic Cooling cooler. This card i…