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Cyanogenmod 7.1 - Worth the Switch?

Android has really grown and no matter what carrier you go too, they have a pile of phones running this OS. Android 2.2 was probably one of the largest and most popular releases of Android bring a host of features to the phones as well as many speed improvements.
Each phone maker customizes the Android interface to there own liking as well as each carrier throws in there own applications to the stock phone. This can sometimes slow down the phone and take up unwanted space. This is why there are numerous custom versions of Android available for people to install on their phones in place of the one provided originally. These are commonly referred to as ROMS.
Cyanogenmod 7 is a popular ROM of Android which is for the most part a base Android, but with a few custom features and small enhancements to make it faster. 
I've been running Cyanogenmod for over 6 months now. Moving from Android with HTC Sense I noticed a huge speed improvement right away. I also very much liked the non flash…

The Switch to Chrome

I have been using Firefox for almost 8 years. I have loved being able to customize it with a few extensions  and such. This was the major thing that kept me from change to Google Chrome when it was first released because I am a huge Google nut. Firefox has served me well but recently I have felt it has gotten sluggish and unstable.

Recently most of the features and extensions I used to use are no longer required or invalid, the biggest being Better Gmail to enhance my Gmail experience. Now most of the features it are supported directly in Gmail.

With Firefox no longer missing any features added by extensions it becomes a direct battle between speed, usability and stability for me. For me this battle was quickly won by Chrome for several reasons. First is that Chrome has a few nice extensions that offer nice features for me like Google Voice and Flixter. Something similar is available for Firefox but it just works so nice in Chrome.

Second is Chrome's syncing ability with your Goog…