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First SSD - OCZ Vertex Plus

For personal laptops I've had a Gateway Solo 2500 with a 4GB hard drive and currently have a HP DV2 with a 500GB drive. For work I've had a Lenovo T42 and currently have a Lenovo x60s. I've had the x60s for 2 years now and the 60 GB hard drive is showing its age. The drive was very slow and you could hear it when it was seeking. It was time for an upgrade.

A decided to get a 120GB OCZ Vertex Plus because it was being offered at a good price. After purchasing, I began to read up on the drive originally thinking it had a Sandforce Gen1 chip in it. After some further research I learned it had a Indilinx Martini chipset. I looked over some benchmarks for this chipset and the results looked promising and since the drive is going into an x60s which only has sata 1, the speeds were more than enough to fully utilize the connection.

I then began to read through forums regarding the drive and found lots of people with issues for the drive ranging from not being able to install and O…