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Samsung T260HD

For about a month now I've owned the new Samsung T260HD. This is a big monitor with HDTV capability. This monitor is magnificent.

So, first lets start with its benefits. First, its big. This monitor allows you to view so much stuff at once. You can easily have a browser, chat, console and music player up and running and not interfering with each other.

The monitor has a nice menu system that allows you to control all its features. You can easily switch between the different inputs and there isn't a long delay when switching.

The best feature of this monitor though is that it can do 1080p resolution. Actually, its does higher than 1080p, so when you're running 1080p, you'll actually have black space on the top and bottom. The monitor doesn't auto adjust to the correct aspect ratio but it can with a click of a button on the remote. It also remember the last ratio for that as long as you are not changing your resolutions often, its not a problem.

Now for the lo…