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Install Guide for TeamSpeak 3 Client on Linux

Here we will step through the process for installing TeamSpeak 3 on Linux. Most of this will work on any distribution, but it is geared towards a system running Gnome. This should work on any recent version of TeamSpeak 3 as well, and any upcoming ones unless they make a major change to their package.
What is TeamSpeak 3 TeamSpeak is VoIP software designed with security in mind, featuring crystal clear voice quality, scalable up to thousands of simultaneous users and endless customization options. Packed with powerful features and incredible performance, TeamSpeak is your Swiss Army Knife of voice communication. Download TeamSpeak 3 The first thing will be to get Teamspeak 3 from the companies download page. Select to download the Linux application in either 32 bit or 64 bit, depending on your system. Install TeamSpeak 3 The file likely downloaded to your Downloads directory under Home. The package will need to have executable rights, so we will…