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HP DV2 Wifi Whitelist

It was over 6 months ago, I made the decision to drop Windows 7 on my laptop switching to run just Linux. This was overall a good choice and with the OCZ SSD, the laptop performed quite well. The laptop still had one major issue and that was the wifi card.

The wifi chipset if a Broadcom 4322. Ever since I first got the laptop, it has had issues in Linux. It has gotten better but it still sometimes take forever to connect and is sporadic with its performance. It was really acting up one day and it dawned on me, the card is just a PCI-x mini. Why not just buy a replacement that has a chipset that works well in Linux.
So, I did some looking for the best chipset for Linux and came across ThinkPenguin  This site has all sorts of goodies for Linux enthusiasts who want good Linux hardware. I decided to get the chipset from there that was Linux compatible. The card arrived, I put it in the laptop and was greeted the message upon boot:
104-Unsupported wireless network device detected.
System Ha…