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64-Bit Browsing - Worth the wait?

We have had 64-bit processors for 5 years now. We've had Windows available in 64-bit for 4 years although, Vista 64-bit was slated to be worse due to driver issues. Even though we've had the capability of 64-bit computing for over 3 years it has been a very slow progression. Most programs are still 32-bit and do not utilize the new 64-bit system.

The main software most everyone uses is a web browser. Whether its Firefox, Chrome or IE, chances are you are using a 32-bit version. Why have these programs not been updated? The main reason is due to plugins. Adobe flash, the plugin used by most sites to provide video playback has only been 32-bit until now. Adobe has finally released a 64-bit version of there flash player for Windows, Mac and Linux.

News has already appeared of Firefox testing 64-bit builds and IE 64-bit has been available for a while but it is not the greatest example because it has some major bugs in which is does not perform as well as it should. There has not b…