Galaxy Nexus on Sprint

I recently upgraded my phone on the Sprint network to the Galaxy Nexus. My HTC EVO 4G was still doing well for me but it lacked Ice Cream Sandwich. When looking at phones on Sprints network, I noticed they had the Galaxy Nexus. This is supposed to be a phone from Google with the pure android experience.

The Galaxy Nexus was out for close to a year but I liked it better even though it had older hardware. This was largely in part due too having Jelly Bean. Jelly Bean has a super smooth interface and is very fast and fluid on the Galaxy Nexus.

The screen is 4.65 inches and is very bright. The phone has no static control buttons but uses the new soft buttons that became an option with ICS. This is nice because you don't have space consumed by static buttons. Instead, they are a part of the screen and can disappear as part of the running application, for instance a movie can consume the entire 1280x720 pixels. It also has a hidden LED for notification that has 3 different colors.

The best and most overlooked feature of Jelly Bean is Google Now. This feature learns and displays cards based on your interests and habits. It notifies me when traffic is heavier than normal before I leave for the office or home. It also notifies me of upcoming sporting events. It also shows me the weather for the the next day.

This phone also has LTE but I do not have any Sprint LTE towers in my city. Hoping that arrives soon...but I did have the first WiMax phone from Sprint and never saw that either so I don't have my hopes up.

The phone also has NFC, which is a very neat piece of tech and growing in popularity. The 5MP camera takes decent pictures and can snap them very quickly. You can also take pictures in the middle of doing a video recording.

Even though this phone has hardware behind that of the Samsung Galaxy S3 or HTC One X it is still great hardware and have the pure Android experience with Jelly Bean vs the older ICS with HTC Sense or Samsung's TouchWiz. I will be only buying a Nexus phone from here on out.


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